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Why us?

Since childhood every stone we turned, every trail we took, every direction we gazed beheld a new experience for us. Traveling by foot, camel or jeep allowed us to embrace challenges and to engage our curiosity and explore new vistas. Now we have the opportunity to pass it on to you. through the bible, the history and the desert.  You and your family can turn a “standard pre-packaged” tour into an unforgettable experience that will leave you speechless. enhance your trip learn new and exciting things and just make it a memorable trip. When we are not outdoors with our clients we spend our time doing research and exploring new possibilities for our next adventure. By doing so we ensure that our tours are fresh, interesting, and relevant. Use our tour outlines and packages as a guide to create your next customized adventure.  Send us a line or WhatsApp message so we can answer your questions.

Travel Packages

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israel off-road at the palm of your hand

full day family adventure 

Judean desert

Off the beaten track is a unique way to experience the best out of Israel's off road 

Whether you want to rappel,hike, gaze at the stars, make your own pita bread on the saj, or your  sweet kanafe dessert on the fire. or just enjoy a fantastic 4x4 trip around Judean Desert, Mitzpe Ramon and Elah Valley. 

Desert Shepherd can personalize your adventure for the whole family or Friends. Enjoy wonderful bonding moments with loved ones, creating awesome memories, and experiencing enchanting times with your family.

A trip to Israel is not complete without a proper desert jeep tour. Using our vehicles to access places that would otherwise take days of walking is truly unique. The proximity of the Judean Desert to Jerusalem naturally imbued the desert with a religious touch from all the three major religions. Each one in its own way with its own signs and symbols.


Join us to explore, feel, and touch the uniqueness of the breathtaking desert scenery, the local Bedouins, and the complex history all part of an adventurous jeeping tour. This is truly the perfect desert experience.

haella valley wine tour

Eretz Yehuda(the land of judea) has been blessed with fertile vineyards and wineries earley as ancient times, and its abundant in archaeological sites. In recent years, the wine scene in the region has been re-blossomed with a request for recognition of the region as a wine region such as Tuscany, with lovely boutique wineries that are based on quality grapes from local growth.
On a leisurely jeep tour in the Adulam Hills, we combine old with new, learning with pleasure. We will get to know the ancient wine industry and the many winepresses at impressive ancient sites, take a beautiful look at the new wine vineyards, tour the vineyard that is heading for the vintage, and learn a little about the vines themselves - vine varieties, the structure of the vine and the grape, and how the quality of the grape influences the quality of the wine. Finish with a fine wine tasting at a special boutique winery.

bedouins-desert nomads

                 wine & jeep

Taken from the Arabic word for desert (badya) the Bedouins are the desert inhabitants. life in the desert made them conduct a set of rules and regulations in order to keep order and a uniformed way of life.

the Bedouins developed a unique and different nomadic life style away from the cities and population with their cousin, clothing, rules and believes.

join us and get to know them better, no reception, no signal only us,the Bedouins and the desert. 

"The art of living well and the art of dying well are one"


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