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Jeeping in Israel? 

Join us..

The Judean Desert is a small desert, which covers an area beside the Dead Sea, his proximity to Jerusalem makes it an optimal day trip for a family. 

This Desert is rarely seen with in. with us you can discover the wonders of the desert using our experienced drivers and guides.

To complete the jeeping experience they will lead you through the rough trails,  to the peaks of the mountains and through the pages of history of the desert.

when the jeep stops,you can experience the amazing peacefulness that the desert offers.

Mitzpe Ramon is located in the Negev desert,  a dusty desert town established at 1950 as a rest area to the workers who paved the road to eilat.

the land of macteshim(crater's) is used as a geological window to the core of the earth, the mactesh holds different minerals and formation's  and gives us an amazing insight to his guts. jeeping in the area allows us to reach higher mountains and remote locations in the mactesh.

Any one can do Jeeping, we do it BETTER!!

Jeeping in Israel..

That's what we do Best!!


Jeeping at Judean Desert

Jeeping is a great family adventure.

join us for a trip include light self prepared lunch by you, in the desert.

Rappeling in Israel

A full day family adventure with Jeeping in Judean Desert, self prepared lunch with beduin pita bread, and Rappeling.