Jeeping in Israel

The Holy Land has a bit out of every scenery God created in this world.

as its mentioned in the bible; "....a land flowing with milk and honey” (Exodus 33: 1-3).

Fortunately, he added a bit more to it.... forests, lakes, deserts, seas & wisdom.

He made every stretch of Israel great. we make the most out of it....for you.

A trip to Israel is not complete without a proper off-road tour, hard or mild terrain, people, and sites.  the real way to experience, feel, and know  Israel off the beaten track.

An abundance of sites suitable for every family and for any activity you wish to engage in.

Up north at the green and lush Golan heights and Galilee pointed with history, culinary, religion, and wildlife.

 through the epic Samaritan mountains with its history, politics, and ancient sites.

And the Judea desert, mountain, and low land. which holds the tasty wine and olive industry.

Down to the great wilderness of the Negev with all his colors, mountains spring golden sands, and of course, the rugged people who live there.

Jeeping in Israel..

That's what we do Best!!


Travel Packages

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Judea land wine tour

Get familiar with the Judea land wine industry . old to new

Bedouin Experience

located out in the desert, the  Bedouins live and grow their sheep and goats.  join us to be a Bedouin for a day 

Judea bible tours

The blessed land of Judea stretch's from the  Mediterranean sea in the west all the to the dead sea in the east.

Ella valley

bible, history, scenery, caves, jeeping,Rappelling

Jeeping in Israel

Every step you take in the holy land hold a piece of history with in. join us to a crawl throgh history

family getaways

Traveling is all about family, Adventure and fun.

Any one can do

Jeeping...We do it better!!

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